Sunday, October 22, 2017
Open 7 Days a Week... Even Sunday!     (913) 262-0343
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Oct 22
Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday, $15.00 Brown bag special (two single meat sandwiches on bread, with 2 fries). Select local and craft beer specials...
Oct 22
Great Basket balls of...

We are fired up over this rivalry. Score some points with your fans and pick up some 'que. Burnt Ends and Fry "Basket" special $8.25,...
Oct 24
Triple Tuesday

Triple Tuesday special today...Single meat sandwich on bread, canned soda, and fries. $7.77 plus tax.
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Bone-A-Fide Kansas City Bar-B-Que...We're bad to the Bone!

Nestled in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas is one of the country’s finest barbecues. Located at 600 Southwest Boulevard, Rosedale Bar B Que boasts over seventy-five years of delicious barbecue and friendly, prompt service.

Special Announcements and Operating Hours

Celebrating 83 years of Bone-A-Fide Kansas City BBQ!

Tailgating Headquarters!

Daily Food and Beer Specials

Monday-Wednesday 10:00-8:00

Thursday 10:00-9:00

Friday 10:00-10:00

Saturday 11:00-10;00

Sunday 11:00-8:00

Open July 4th 10-7.

Rosedale History

Founded by Anthony Rieke and wife Alda and brother- in-law Anthony "Tony" Sieleman on July 4, 1934, Rosedale Bar B Que began as a neighborhood hot dog and beer stand known as "The Bucket Shop." At the Bucket Shop you could buy a half-gallon bucket full of the coldest beer in town for only a quarter... read more

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