Friday, September 19, 2014
Open 7 Days a Week... Even Sunday!     (913) 262-0343
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Sep 19
Riblet & Fry Special

Riblets & Fry Basket $7.95 while supplies last
Sep 22
Manic Monday Slab Special

Slab Special $14.95 While Supplies Last.
Sep 23
Triple Tuesday

It's your lucky day! Single Meat Sandwich on bread,order of fries, and a 20 ounce soda $7.77 plus tax.
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Bone-A-Fide Kansas City Bar-B-Que...We're bad to the Bone!

Nestled in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas is one of the country’s finest barbecues. Located at 600 Southwest Boulevard, Rosedale Bar B Que boasts over seventy-five years of delicious barbecue and friendly, prompt service.

Special Announcements and Operating Hours

Open at 9:00 Chiefs Sunday Home Games!

Come huddle up with some 'que on your way to or from the game!

$14.95 Slab Special Monday while supplies last.

Monday-Wednesday 10:00-8:00

Thursday 10:00-9:00

Friday 10:00-10:00

Saturday 11:00-10;00

Sunday 11:00-8:00

Rosedale History

Founded by Anthony Rieke and wife Alda and brother- in-law Anthony "Tony" Sieleman on July 4, 1934, Rosedale Bar B Que began as a neighborhood hot dog and beer stand known as "The Bucket Shop." At the Bucket Shop you could buy a half-gallon bucket full of the coldest beer in town for only a quarter... read more

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