Get off your butts, take a smoke break, come get sauced!


We know life is the pits, no butts about it! At Rosedale we are taking the covid virus bull by the horns and taking all possible steps to keep our clients and staff members healthy. We have limited our dining room capacity and require all staff and patrons to wear masks. Patrons need to wear masks while in line placing their orders and while not at their table. Thank you for your cooperation.

The good stuff...

In Kansas City its no secret that  barbecue is more than just a fad or passing craze.  Kansas City and barbeque are just synonymous, you can't mention one without the other.

So, why Kansas City and why Rosedale?  First, as mentioned above bbq is a cornerstone of Kansas City, and Rosedale is one of the originals, starting on July 4, 1934.  It's an institution, rich with history and traditions. Its more than just the smoke and the meat, although that plays a  large role.   It's the  tried and true recipes and methods, it's smoking low and slow,  it's quality product at competitive prices.  In Kansas City and especially at Rosedale  Barbeque we believe BBQ is a way of life.  And indulging in the menu... well, it's an experience.

Beef, Pork, Chicken and more, we have been smoking for the carnivore since '34.  Come experience Rosedale Barbeque for yourself. 

We can't wait to Meat you! Don't forget the sauce.